March 20, 2017

Xiaomi Redmi 4A launches today as an Amazon exclusive

The Chinese budget smartphone king is yet again launching an affordable smartphone here in India. It is the Redmi 4A, it will be the successor of the Redmi 3. The phone is aimed at budget buyers just like the Redmi 3, it must cost somewhere below Rs 9000 after launch. The phone will be an Amazon exclusive but it will also be available on which is Xiaomi's site.

Redmi Note 4 was Xiaomi's higher end smartphone that was priced around Rs 10,000 to Rs 13,000 based on the RAM and internal storage memories while the Redmi 3S started at Rs 6,999 for 2 GB + 16 GB version and Rs 8,999 for 3 GB + 32 GB version. Now, the Redmi 4A does not look like it will have a 32 GB version first. They might consider it later maybe.

Specification wise, the Redmi 4A has a 5 inch IPS LCD display with 720p resolution and it is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 CPU paired with a 2 GB of RAM. It has 16 GB internal storage that can be expanded through microSD slot.  The primary camera is 13 MP and the front camera is 5 MP. The phone runs Android Marshmallow (MIUI 8) and is juiced by a 3120 mAh battery. The phone lacks a fingerprint sensor which was present in Redmi Note 4.

It is well known that the company has already recorded in sales of their previous launches. The Redmi Note 4 has sold more than a million units just in India and that is just through online markets. They are still expanding their offline retail stores. In a tweet, the company's VP Manu Kumar Jain said they are partnering with stores such as Poorvika Mobile, Sangeetha Mobile and BigCMobiles to make their smartphones available in their 700+ stores across the country.

CNY 599 | INR 5,990

March 17, 2017

A US ally used $3.4 million Patriot missile to shoot down a $200 drone


Drones have become more and more irksome these days. They intrude someone's privacy more frequently causing difficulties. But this incident reported by a U.S. general is really odd and amusing to hear. General David Perkins in a military symposium said to the audience that one of the U.S. allies had used an MIM-104 Patriot missile costing $3.4 million to destroy a quadcopter drone estimated to cost about $200. Watch this video below for his statement. (Around 14:55 in the video)

An MIM-104 Patriot missile is a surface-to-air missile (SAM) developed by the USA in the early 80s. It is used by several countries throughout the world like Germany, Isreal, Japan, South Korea, Spain, etc. It is indeed a really tremendous overkill to be used as a weapon to take down a quadcopter drone that you find at Amazon or Walmart.

The problem here that you clearly can see is the difference in cost between the hostile target and the instrument that was used to defend against it. It is immensely on the wrong side here. But you have to do when it is the safety of civilians in the line. These days, even consumer drones like the one mentioned can be armed with explosives. Or it may be just a test launch of the missile to demonstrate its accuracy. However, we do not know which ally of the US it was but it happened and it is not the first time for something like this to happen.

How to Show or Hide File Extensions in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10

In Windows, you often view the files with only their names and not with their file extensions or file types. The extension of the file is hard to know when it is hidden. This causes many misunderstandings and sometimes this could cause some malicious files go unnoticed. Here, we are going to show you hot to view file extensions in Windows. This applies to most Windows operating systems. We will explain how to do this step by step for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 separately. These methods do not differ much from each other.

Showing File Extensions can help you to change the file extension names anytime you find them. It also helps in identifying the file type while working and also stay safe while getting or accessing new files. Follow the steps below to show or hide file extensions.

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How to Show or Hide File Extensions in Windows 7

  1. From your Windows desktop, press Winkey to open up the Start menu.
  2. Search for "Folder Options". You can just type that text in.
  3. Open the Folder Options dialog box.
  4. Go to the "View" tab. Under Files and Folders, you will find "Hide extensions for known file types".
  5. Uncheck that checkbox.
  6. Press the OK button.
  7. This will now show all the file extensions in Windows explorer. Simply check that box to reverse the process.

How to Show or Hide File Extensions in Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10

  1. Press the Winkey to open the Start screen.
  2. Type in the text "Folder Options". In Windows 8 or 8.1, you need to select "Settings" on the right side of the search results screen.
  3. You will find the Folder Options or Folder Explorer Options depending upon your Windows on the left side. It just shows up in the search box if you are on Windows 10.
  4. Open the Folder Options/Folder Explorer Options.
  5. Go to the "View" tab. Under the Files and Folders in Advanced settings, you will find "Hide extensions for known file types".
  6. Uncheck that checkbox.
  7. Press OK button to exit.
  8. This will now show all the file extensions in Windows explorer. Simply check that box to reverse the process.
That's it. You have now made file extensions appear in Windows explorer. This will now make things easier and a bit safer when you handle new files in your computer. That is the trick to show or hide file extensions in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10. Hope this helped. Drop a comment below and share if it did. Stay tuned for more tech guides!

March 15, 2017

Moto G5 Plus now launched in India at Rs. 14,999


We've been seeing the Moto G5 buzz right from the MWC 2017, Barcelona. Moto has yet again brought competition to the 15k price segment. It is now brawling up against the likes of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

The Moto G5 Plus was officially announced in an event in New Delhi. The phone will be exclusively made available in Flipkart at 11:59PM of 15-03-2017 (which is tonight). There will be two versions of the smartphone available through the online vendor. A 3 GB RAM with 16 GB storage version and a larger 4 GB RAM with 32 GB storage version. They will cost Rs. 14,999 and Rs. 16,999 respectively.

3 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM - ₹14,999
4 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM - ₹16,999


Moto G5 Plus Specifications

The smartphone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor with Android Nougat OS. It will have the two RAM variants like we mentioned before, 3 GB or 4 GB RAMs. It has a 5.2 inch Full HD display. The primary shooter is 12 MP with phase detection autofocus (PDAF) and colour balancing dual LED flash with an aperture of ƒ/1.7. Front camera is 5 MP with ƒ/2.2 aperture and wide-angled lens. The rear shooter does support 4K video recording. 16 GB and 32 GB internal storage versions will be available with either 3 GB or 4 GB of RAMs. The 64 GB variant of the phone did not make it to India. You can also expand the memory up to 256 GB via microSD cards. The battery in the Moto G5 Plus is 3000 mAh. There is also a fingerprint reader mounted on the home button.

Moto G5 Plus on Flipkart

The smartphone will go on sale in Flipkart at 11:59 PM tonight (15-03-2017). Flipkart is providing an additional Rs 1,500 off when you exchange. Additionally, SBI card holders can get 10% discount while purchasing the Moto G5 Plus.

So if you are interested in the new Moto G4 Plus, be sure to buy it on Flipkart tonight. It will most probably get out of stock tomorrow after all they hype it has produced. We think it really is a great phone in the price point. So its worth the effort, don't forget its 12 o'clock tonight.

March 9, 2017

The Gadgets that Smartphone has Killed


Smartphones are more vital part of our life than ever now. With every day, new innovations the manufacturers are bringing are only increasing our chase for them. Not long ago, we had devices like MP3 players that we used to listen to music, digital cameras we had for taking photos and more that had provided us an use. But now, all that can be actually replaced by your smartphone. It is not essentially a bad thing. But it is slowly making these techs that it replaced go obsolete.

The infographic below is made with the data from Consumer Electronics Association. It shows how the sales of these limited functionality devices dropped because of the rise of smartphones in last 10 years.


Infographic Source: Statista