April 6, 2017

Samsung, Sony, LG fetch the Top 3 India's Most Trusted Brand Rankings

The 2017's Brand Trust Report has been released and it shows the top 3 most trusted brands in India. The South  Korea-based Samsung comes out on top fetching the title of India's Most Trusted Brand. Following them is the Japanese electronics giant Sony and South Korean LG.

The Brand Trust Report 2017

The Brand Trust Report is a study to measure people's trust in brands all over the nation. It is released annually by Comniscient Group's TRA Research. The group's CEO N. Chandramouli said, “Trust is transaction personified and the rigor of TRA’s Brand Trust annual study has always displayed prescience through its data. The 17-rank climb of the Consumer Electronic brand Samsung to top position and the 12-rank climb of Apple to fourth rank over last year are significant. Among the top ten this year, four brands have gained ranks, five brands have retained their last year’s ranks, and one brand has fallen in rank. Of the 2016 list, four brands slipped out of the top ten list of 2017, namely Samsung Mobiles, Nokia, Godrej, and ICICI Bank.”

Samsung at the Top

Coming back to the rankings, Samsung's current top spot is an astounding feat if we look at where the company was last year. They were at the 18th spot in 2016, so now they have climbed 17 ranks to reach the first spot. This is the whole Samsung Electronics we are referring to. Samsung Mobiles is different and they were the most trusted mobile phone brand in India

Surprisingly, the current leader in mobile phone rank table is Nokia who is yet to enter the Indian market after HMD's acquisition.

Sony, LG and others

Consumer electronics brands Sony and LG now hold the second and third ranks in the index. They are also their last year's rank and it remains unchanged this year. Apple is the fourth most trusted brand in India, climbing 12 ranks from where they were last year. This is the first time that Apple makes it to the top 5.

The fifth rank is Tata's again who is also the most trusted Indian brand in India. The sixth spot is claimed by Honda, 7th by Maruti Suzuki and then the Dell and Lenovo possess 8th and 9th ranks. The Chinese Lenovo has climbed 18 ranks from where it was in 2016. The tenth rank has been claimed by another Indian brand, Bajaj. out of the top ten most trusted brands in India, only 3 brands are Indian (if you also take Maruti Suzuki into account.)

Airtel is at the 16th spot overall but number one when only the telecom industry is considered while the Reliance Jio is second most trusted in the telecom industry. Also, MTS is the least trusted mobile service provider in India according to the report.

The Brand Trust Report of 2017 is the seventh report made by the TRA Research. It consists of over 11,000 unique brands from which top 1000 brands have been chosen and listed. You can view the whole list, categorised in their website. We've mentioned the sources below.



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